Application of the preparation:

raDIVan 75 WG is a selective translocating herbicide for weed control in soybean crops.

Application time: It is applied after the emergence of crops, when soybeans are in phase 1-3 of triple (phase 11-13 VVSN-scale), and weeds in the initial growth stages (2-4 sheets).


Seeds that can be sown if there is a conversion after the application of the herbicide: only soya can be seeds immediately. After three months, grain and corn can be sown and other crops eight months after application.


It should not be applied at temperatures above 25 ° C.

Herbicides for the control of grass weeds (gramicides) must be administered the day before administration or at least 7 days after the application of this preparation.

On treated areas before sowing of all subsequent crops, deep plowing on mines is mandatory. 15 cm depth.