About Us

We connect and make things happen

RAMINO company has established it’s name in the world of business over 25 years ago for being pioneer in several areas. We are first company to enter Ex-Yu market with high quality re-writeable CD’s. As our company growth was expanding, so was our line of work, and we worked in several new fields as automobile radars, fertilizer for soybeans, tourism, gadget saver for new sensitive technical devices, and various other fields. 

Today we advise companies or individuals with innovative products or technologies from the South East European region in technology transfer to interested parties in Asia by providing guidance, connections, documentation such as feasibility studies, valuations and assistance in deal making.


Through our partners or JV companies in Asia we also assist companies with interesting or innovative products from Europe to establish distribution partnerships in India and neighbor countries, Thailand and China. In some cases our partner companies in Asia also act as importers, responsible for communication and dealings with distributors.

For Asian partners who wants to enter markets of SE Europe we provide all the needed support in either greenfield of brownfield investments, advisory and help in negotiations with local authorities in getting the most favorable terms for their market entry. We also assist in activities for finding the right partners for their market expansion into the Region.


Zoran Dražeta

RAMINO company Director and founder.