What We Do Best

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.


Special touristic offers and connecting with other companies that are investing in current booming field of tourism.


Food brings us together and we make good connections as a local partner helping in all activites that investor needed.


In order to make large or small gear into action, all of other connected gears must do their part. We make sure all of them do.

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Our company has signed an exclusive and general distribution deal in the region of all former Yugoslavian republics with Israeli based company “CuraLife”. 


We provided a valuable support in building a new factory. Managing and preparing all the documentation that was needed in order to receive the government subsidy for project and it was the highest per new employee that is possible for this region. Regarding the location of plant and building, we provided land at best location near highway. 

CG Foods

CG Foods – Ramino acted as a local partner from initial phase of bringing investor to Serbia and organizing or helping in all activities that investor needed. Greenfield investment will in full operation employ more than 450 employees.

CG Hotels

Ramino organised screening of the hospitality markets in SE Europe for potential expansion of investor into these region, including meetings with potential target companies, analyses of financial and market data, potential strategies and other M&A activities in initial phases of investment considerations.

The Farm at San Benito

Screening of potential locations for high end hospitality business in Central Europe *Avalon is among others owner of The Farm at San Benito, Philipinnes, best health wellness resort in the World by The Sense, Germany

CINI - Čačak

Cini Čačak – preparing case (all documentation and finding potential partners) for heating radiator innovation in China, presentation to investors in China and organisation of meetings and negotiations in Serbia


raDIVan 75 WG is a selective translocating herbicide for weed control in soybean crops.

The Gadget Saver

The device is designed for rescue and also to protect and prolong the lifespan of electronics – Mobile phones (speaker & microphone), In-ear headphones & cameras etc. The Gadget Saver® device comes with all the items necessary to save your device anywhere, anytime and is packed in a small resealable pouch. Keep a Gadget Saver® device in the Home, Car, Office, Sports Bag, Tool box and as an essential item for your holiday or outdoor pursuits.