Our role

Cini Čačak – preparing case (all documentation and finding potential partners) for heating radiator innovation in China, presentation to investors in China and organisation of meetings and negotiations in Serbia

Cini radiators in China

Cini company was visited by delegation of Chinese factory “Ju-Ma” Radiators produced in Čačak, and could soon be found on the Chinese market. The factory “Cini”, which produce them, was visited by six-member delegation of the “Ju-Ma” factory, one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of heating bodies in China

Future plans

The owner of Cini, Slobodan Spasojevic, says that “Ju-Ma” is one of the largest factories in China that deals with the production and placement of radiators on the Russian and European markets. He points out that the representatives of the Ti-Yang city company have shown great interest in the products of the Čačak factory and wants a joint appearance and placement on the world markets.

About cini čačak

Our company Cini, Čačak is known as a lab for numerous technical innovations in home and industrial heating. We shared many our ideas to RAMINO company and with their help we have established business contacts for our products on the China market. Together with them we have developed all the financial and other documentation needed for searching partners in China. They have also actively engaged in finding partners and lead the process of negotiations.

Slobodan Spasovic
Director & Owner Cini – Čačak, Serbia