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Line of work

Management advisory in financial restructuring, investment decisions, mergers and acquisitions has remain main focus throughout first 15 years.

Today we advise companies or individuals with innovative products or technologies from the South East European region in technology transfer to interested parties in Asia by providing guidance, connections, documentation such as feasibility studies, valuations and assistance in deal making.

My life and also business motivation is to just keep moving. Whether it is by foot, car, boat, airplane, train or anything else, we need always to be on the move and only then new opportunites will come forward and we will make the best of them. RAMINO is here to give you a vision and a well built path, all that you need to do is to walk together with us.

Zoran Dražeta

Prirodno protiv dijabetesa

Ramino d.o.o. iz Nove Pazove, Srbija, je potpisala ekskluzivno i generalno distributersko pravo za prostore bivše nam SFRJ, sa kompanijom iz Izraela, “CuraLife”.

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